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Baby Shower Decorations that are Chic, Sweet and Perfect!

Have you ever attended a baby shower (on Zoom or otherwise) and thought, wow this is more elaborate than a wedding? Today’s baby showers are no joke, whether all the décor is DIY’d or purchased and artfully arranged. Baby showers have become the new bachelorette party, from searching for just the right gift to offering elaborate favours. But without the diapers. Or the tiny sandwiches. No matter what your stance is on baby showers, chances are you’ll attend one and maybe even throw one yourself.

We are dedicated to empowering and inspiring women and only feature products that we know you’ll love.

Gold- Coloured Silverware

Your meals will be raised to a new level with this 24- piece faux gold fork, spoon, and knife set

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Wooden Place Cardholders

This natural wood place setting will tie your table together in style, no matter your theme. You can use the place cards to guide your seating chart or label food items.

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Rose Gold Foil Balloons

What party would be complete without some shiny objects? You’ll feel festive vibes right away, and these rose gold foil-filled balloons are affordable too.

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A Custom Burlap Banner

Designated areas for baby shower gifts will instantly make your guests feel at ease. Burlap signs are an easy way to spruce up a table or wall without being flashy.

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A Diaper Cake

No baby shower would be complete without a diaper cake to unwrap individually rolled diapers at mom’s future changing table.

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A Wreath

There is nothing wrong with some simple greenery, and this wreath is simplistic yet sophisticated. They’re gender-neutral and stunning, giving an update to the usual pacifier and sock wreaths.

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Photo Backdrops

You can use faux vines for a quick, easy backdrop that’s also highly affordable. The backdrops create a dramatic effect, they can be hung from anywhere and you can incorporate string lights throughout for an extra flair of fun. 

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Personalized Balloons

Make a statement with foil balloon letters and spell it out for the guests. It’s a girl, or welcome tiny human can be used. You can also use specific words, such as love or baby.

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Flower Crowns

You’re waiting for dessert to open gifts, what to do? Imagine how cute it would be to have these cute floral crowns and offer guests an Instagram filter in person. 

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Baby Shower Party Swizzle Sticks

The mimosas are the real reason you came here. The mom-osas and the virgin drinks are great if you’re pregnant and don’t want to drink alcohol. These adorable drink sticks will impress everyone invited!

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