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Celebrity Style Secrets for Every Mom

It doesn’t matter if you have fives minutes to prepare every day- or an hour, you should always feel like the best version of yourself when going out.

Below, you’ll find some helpful style tips to make sure that you feel good, and look good, when you leave the house every time.

Give body:

With 2021 in your rearview mirror, there’s no better time than the present to do something for you! Consider a mommy makeover if you’re unhappy with your body or feel like you haven’t fully recovered from your pregnancy.

Celebrate the Unspeakable:

You may not always feel super sexy, but make sure you find nice underwear that makes you feel good and look good too. Dressing the inside out can improve your confidence.

Simple solids:

If your body isn’t exactly where you want it to be, go for some simple solids. Dark jeans, a solid top, and a jacket can help tighten up the areas you’re feeling self-conscious about. Opt for pants with a waistband that also doubles as a shaper.

Invest in staples:

If you want to look great, invest in some high-quality staples. The best pieces to invest in include pants, jackets, jewelry, and shoes. Without spending too much money, include shirts, sunglasses, and bags, that you can filter in and out. These tend to change much more often in terms of trends compared to essential items.

Get in shape:

You don’t need to measure yourself now but focus on clothes that aren’t too tight or too baggy. You don’t want to hide behind a bunch of baggy clothes.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to understand why, even though we have enough time to shop and dress our children, it is often necessary to rescue our wardrobes. There are, of course, those bright images of perfectly stylized celebrity moms on magazine covers, as well as while we wait at the grocery store. What’s the secret? Don’t stray from the magazine rack. Instead, follow some style tips from celebrity moms who seem to have it all but don’t make them a financial burden. It all comes down to fitting.

Even the simplest outfits can be turned into an eye-catcher with a large necklace, belt, or purse. As Tori Spelling showed us at a recent book signing, an elegant yellow dress can take on a completely different look when a thin brown belt is tied around it. The right belt can make any outfit pop in color, draw attention to your curves, or define your waist.

Generally, you won’t see a famous mom out there without a stroke of lipstick or gloss, except for the occasional, unflattering shot of her running back to her car. Just a little bit of lipstick on our lips makes us appear taller and more confident. The right shade (when paired with the right shoes) can turn jeans and a T-shirt ultra-chic, while the color should be subtle and sexy, like the pretty pink version that Reese Witherspoon wore to a charity event.

Thinking about shoes, there are those of us who love shoes and those of us who wear the same pair repeatedly. If you fall into the latter category, pick up a cute new pair (or two) and watch them brighten up a once-boring ensemble, like Halle Berry.

Consider what you like about your body, and then put together some outfits around that feature it. Famous fashionistas are well aware of their best attributes and will show them at any opportunity. Kourtney Kardashian, for example, wore a one-shoulder dress to a party in Las Vegas, where she showed off her collarbone.