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Fashion Rules for Being a Stylish Mom

Working moms must constantly balance career and family time. In addition to date nights, brunch, lunch, and dinner with your friends, you have to take time for yourself and take the extra step to looking and feeling good.

Take a look below for a few ways to get your style mojo back regardless of whether you have kids or if you’re feeling less than stylish.

Select a print

You can find inspiration and time to make outfits with prints and patterns when it’s hard to find time to style an outfit. Several reasons lead to this (including one that pertains especially to moms who have young children):

You can upgrade a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit with a printed piece – even a pair of shoes (yes, even a printed shoe!) does the trick!

Prints can act as your outfit’s blueprint. Therefore, if you are nervous about wearing different colours simultaneously, select pieces that represent the colours in print. You’ll instantly look put together.

Prints can be chosen in other ways as well. Choose stripes if you like them! There are many floral and geometric prints that you can choose from. The choice of animal prints is vast if you are a fan of them. In addition, you can choose how to wear your prints: prints are typically worn on tops, but they can also be worn on pants or scarves.

You should consider prints and patterns if you have young children (or older ones who are messy). With this kind of outfit, you can work on a project with the kids, get a little paint on your top, and still exit the house without changing.

Mix inĀ metallics

Adding metallic shoes to any outfit can instantly elevate it – but what if I told you that there are shoes that are as comfortable and versatile as your favorites, but add a serious dose of style? Metallic shoes are a great example of this. In my opinion, metallic shoes go with everything because gold has a metallic hue and silver has a metallic gray hue, and pewter and copper are in between – so they’re the shiny version of neutrals that go with just about anything. In addition, I always suggest metallic shoes as the perennial answer to the “what shoes should I wear?” question.

The best part? Metallic shoes can be chosen for any occasion or lifestyle. Summertime sandals in gold tones are an excellent option for a casual shoes. If you’re running errands and driving kids on a Saturday, opt for silver sneakers. You can also pair metallic loafers with your pointy toe flat for a professional (but comfortable) look.

Add a third piece

Third-pieces, such as jackets, cardigans, and blazers, complete any outfit perfectly. You can dress up a simple outfit, add flair to your basic separates, and make any outfit look put together with a scarf.

Choosing third items that fit your lifestyle and preferences is a great thing. To add interest to your everyday look, choose various colors and shapes for your cardigan. Denim or military-inspired jackets are ideal choices for those who are casual. You can throw them in the back seat of your car. Whether you wear jeans and sneakers or something flowy, blazers can significantly improve the look of jeans and sneakers.

Don’t decide what to wear when it is time to get dressed

If you had to choose what to wear, when would the worst time be? Right before you get dressed. People do it all the time – you don’t even consider what you’re going to wear until you stand in front of your closet in your underwear, with seven minutes left.

If that’s the case, when should you pick your outfit? The answer varies. Take some time on the weekend to decide on some critical outfits for the week ahead – particularly if you have an important event coming up.

Stick to a Uniform

How do uniforms work? The key is not to wear the same thing every day or wear black to simplify things. Doing this minimizes the number of outfit decisions you have to make since different looks can be created from the same pieces. You can wear a striped t-shirt, cropped cotton jacket, jeans, and sneakers on a casual weekend, and rotate between a handful of stripes t-shirts, a few jackets, and different colors and fits of jeans on different days. A colored cardigan, a print blouse, trousers, and heels may be the uniform of a person dressing up for work.

Discover something new

It may be time to branch out once you have the hang of being a stylish mom. If you don’t plan out your look the night before, your uniform is handy when you have no time or energy to get dressed. But there is no harm in mixing up your look a little sometimes. How about trying one new thing every few months? I don’t mean a new outfit – just some minor tweaks here and there to make it feel fresh.

Changing the colour of your top or shoes can make a big difference. You can also embrace floral prints for spring. If you usually opt for skinnies, try wide-leg cropped pants instead. If you have a silk dress, you might even consider wearing it with tights and booties or mixing it with another print from your current wardrobe. There is something new here – but you never know if you’ll like it unless you try it, right?