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What is a Signature Style and How to Develop One

You probably know a lot of people with a signature style. Their signature style can be a particular item or focus on a particular hue.

Similarly, a specific hairstyle, makeup look, jewelry, or overall fashion theme.

When establishing your signature style, you should focus on creating something that projects your personality and feels just like you. Trying to force yourself into a particular look won’t work – you need to feel comfortable and confident to pull it off.

Do you have a signature look?

Consider your current wardrobe when determining your signature look. Is there a particular colour or theme that dominates? Instead of focusing on a single item, colour, or print, think of what style you love and embrace it. You could embrace something classic and refined, something fun and quirky, or something in the middle.

Let yourself be inspired!

Keep in mind that fads should not be a part of your signature style. The last thing you want to do is to have to switch out your signature look next season. Make sure you get inspiration for your style by browsing magazines and websites but don’t copy someone else’s style. Establish your style by taking ideas from places you find inspiring. You need to select the right clothes to let your signature look shine. Once you’ve decided on what your signature look should be, you can rock it.

Look through your closet

Your signature style must be worn consistently if you want it to become your own. Make an inventory of your closet and figure out how to incorporate what you have into your signature style. Consider wearing pieces in a new or unusual way.

If a garment or accessory just doesn’t fit in with your style, donate it. If necessary, shop for staple pieces and accessories that share characteristics with the look you are trying to achieve.

Wear your signature look with confidence.